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Duck for Dinner?

Dukes Vineyard

All farms with space enclose a pen to run their favourite chooks
To lay fresh eggs and some fine breeds to show off their good looks
And Duke’s followed down that path and added twenty geese
And extra feed was needed just to keep the peace.

As time went on the flock increased when we added guinea fowl
We didn’t count on foxes on their hungry evening prowl
They ate some chooks and baby geese and the odd wild duck as well
But slowly the feeding flock numbers steadily did swell.

The guinea fowl bred, the wild ducks came and native birds descended
And at the daily feeding time all avian friends attended
Parrots made the daily trip to see what they could find
And local bronzewing pigeons with an easy feed in mind.

The pen is now an empty patch that’s overgrown and weedy
But feeding time in Duke’s back yard is for the destitute and needy
And still the numbers grow each week with greedy ones and strays
That walk and fly and waddle in to see what’ s lunch today.

And if by chance we do forget to distribute daily grains
The birds will all accumulate to show their hunger pains
We often have three dozen birds and sometimes even more
All gathered round and ready to invade the Duke’s back door.

The biggest single increase of birds that come for lunch
Is the growing hordes of healthy ducks, the fattest of the bunch
Now I have a suggestion that would make the ranks much thinner
A bottle of good cabernet and duck L’Orange for dinner.



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